Animation Comes to Life at the Verizon Theatre

The Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie will present Archer Live on June 22nd at 7pm. This may seem a bit odd considering Archer is an animated TV show. Many thought this was just an April Fool’s joke when it was announced, but it’s really going to happen. Live action characters will bring this show to life with an all-star cast and excellent producers. From cheesy staging to the typical voice-overs, this show will capture all of what Archer is on TV, but it will live, on stage.

Not only will the show feature performances, but also a panel discussion, scene reading, clips never seen before and a question and answer session with those in attendance. The entire cast from the TV show will be on hand to answer questions, talk about the show and provide fans with an amazing experience.

If you’re not familiar with the show, it airs on FX, but can also be found on Netflix. A new season was recently released and it’s scheduled for a fifth season. Those interested in the super-spy world will love the TV show and the live show provides something you cannot get on TV. If you’re already a fan, this is a “can’t miss” event and may never happen again in Dallas.

A Little About the Show

The show is considered a super-spy series and uses sexuality, intrigue, gun play and many stunts to create amusement and fun for the audience. Archer works for his mother, which presents an interesting dynamic, as she’s the head of an International Intelligence Service. They spy for cash and the cast also features Archer’s ex-girlfriend and many villains.

Aisha Tyler, Lucky Yates, Jon Benjamin, Amber Nash and Casey Willis will be at the live show, along with the producers of the TV series. Tickets are $45 and the doors open at 7pm.