Enjoy Great Weather When You Live in Dallas

Dallas SkylineLiving anywhere in the Lone Star state has a lot of benefits but one of the main ones is that you’re going to be able to enjoy weather which is a lot more tolerable than weather in most other parts of the country. The weather in North Texas is classed as being humid subtropical but with warm winds come from the north and west you’ll find that Dallas is actually one of the hottest places in the country – even rivaling the Mojave desert, which is a pretty serious claim.

Basically if you love sunshine then you’re going to love living in Dallas and its suburbs and this goes double if you’ve just moved from the wet, windy and often cold northern states. In terms of temperatures ranges you can expect maximum temperatures during a Dallas summer to be in excess of 100°F but on average they’re in the more tolerable 90°F range instead. During the winter you’ll find Dallas weather a lot more mild than elsewhere in the country with average low temperatures in December, January and February being in the 36°F range

Does it ever get cold in Dallas? Well there have been some occasions in the past where a weird weather system can cause short spells of ice or freezing rain but these are rare. Overall you’ll find the weather in Dallas to be a total contrast to where you’ve lived before. Living here gives you a nice mix of hot summers and mild winters, combined with a Spring and Fall that causes the entire state to come into bloom – the entire place seems to be covered with wildflowers of one kind or another.

If you’re growing tired of seeing the sun for 2 weeks in July each year – in between rainstorms – then you should look into what else Dallas has to offer you, we guarantee you’re going to like what you find here.