Dallas…Home Of the Breakfast Taco

TacoFor most of you reading this a taco is something you might have for lunch or maybe for dinner for but…a taco for breakfast? Really…who does that? These days with people all marching to a different working drum, and night shifts being just a part of life, the breakfast taco is something which can happen at any time of day – “breakfast” is now entirely relative when it comes to time. Plus if you work weird hours when you wake up you generally wind up combining breakfast and lunch, so this is where the breakfast taco fills that dietary niche quite nicely.

What’s in a breakfast taco? Well that all depends on where you actually get yours but generally speaking you’ll get eggs, cheese, some kind of sausage and onion – after that it’s down to your personal tastes and what that taco restaurant can actually offer you.

Even though you’ve probably never heard of them before the breakfast taco is popular all over Texas but Dallas has some great breakfast taco joints you need to check out.

Rusty Taco

If you want what most people would call a true breakfast taco then the sausage, egg and cheese taco sold here will fit the bill

Torchy’s Tacos

If you want one of the better migas tacos in the city then you need to drop by here – at just $2.50 they’re pretty cheap too

Taco Joint

When you want a truly huge migas taco then Taco Joint can serve you a tortilla filled with eggs, cheese, serranos, tomatoes and onions

So if you’re feeling a little tired of oatmeal and juice for breakfast then you should try a breakfast taco out at least once. If you’re like most people you’ll be converted and probably develop something of a breakfast taco fetish…just like the rest of the good folk in Dallas.