Who Are The Biggest Employers In Dallas?

dallas_img_06You’ve probably heard a whole lot about how well Dallas is doing economically despite the fact that almost the entire remainder of the United States is in the depth of a recession; all of which is true. It’s not that the recession arrived in Dallas and we just ignored it. No. The real reason why the economy of the city of Dallas and the state of Texas is in such a healthy condition is simply because industry in the area is diversified. So although other places might like to be known as “Motor City” that’s not much of a boast to make when the motor industry moves to Germany or Japan instead, for example.

So let’s have a look at the biggest employers in the Dallas area so you can get an idea of what employment prospects might lay ahead of you.

American Airlines

This company employs almost 25,000 people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and that’s something most people don’t expect Dallas to be well known for – as a travel hub.

Texas Health Resources

Again with almost 25,000 employees on their payroll you can see how the health care industry plays such a big part in the local economy.

Bank of America

Yup Dallas is also a pretty big financial center too and growing every single year. Right now BOA employs just under 20,000 in and around Dallas

Dallas School District

You’ve probably already heard that Dallas schools are among the very finest in the country and even better, is the news, that the Dallas Independent School District (ISD) employs over 18,000 people from the area.

Lockheed Martin

Having a company like Lockheed Martin operating in Dallas means that there will always be at least one industry you can rely on in the area and in the case of LM that equates to over 15,000 people being employed here too.

Industrial diversification has played a big part in the ongoing success of the economy of the city of Dallas and that fact doesn’t seem set to change any time soon.