Get Back In Touch With Nature At Cedar Ridge Preserve

Cedar_Ridge_PreserveThere’s nothing quite like getting into the open spaces of Texas to help you relax and unwind after a long week at work or with the kids. Cedar Ridge Preserve is one of the fine examples of just how much work the people of Dallas put into preserving their local trails, walks and parks.

The Preserve itself covers over 600 acres and has more than 10 miles of hiking trails for you to enjoy. Better again there’s no actual admission fee as such but there is a suggested donation amount of $3 per person – so please do give generously. If you’ve always wanted to work in a park like this you can get involved in the “Conservation in Action” days at Cedar Ridge Preserve on the 3rd Saturday of each month, volunteers is one thing most nature preserves can never get enough of.

What animals can you expect to find at Cedar Ridge? Well firstly you need to know that there are venomous snakes in the park but they’re protected by law so please don’t touch or harm them – the same applies to all wildlife in the park, including feeding them. You can expect to see lots of wild birds, rabbits, turtles of various sizes and there’s a butterfly garden for you to enjoy too. Bear in mind that this is a nature preserve so the wild animals will usually be doing their best to stay hidden from humans.

If you want a great day out hiking with your family or friends and the kind of trails that will really get your heart pumping then we can’t recommend Cedar Ridge Preserve highly enough.