Enjoy The Lower Cost of Living in Dallas

They say that everything in the Lone Star State is bigger and while this is true in many ways it’s definitely not true of the cost of living in Dallas and the surrounding areas. In short living in Dallas, Texas is going to be at least 16% cheaper than living in most other parts of the United States, and this reduction in the cost of living is pretty much across the board.

Let’s look at a few examples so you can understand just how much money you can save while living in Dallas, yet maintaining the same, or even higher, standard of living.

West Village in DallasThe first comparison to make is how much cheaper it is to buy your own property in Dallas when compared to New York City and you’ll find that the price per square foot in Dallas costs 70% less. In fact Dallas properties cost up to 80% less than houses or apartments of the same size even in San Francisco – just so you have a comparison with another major city in the United States. That represents a serious saving in terms of the size of home you can buy for the amount of cash you wind up spending.

Now let’s examine what it costs to feed yourself if you decide to move to Dallas, and again we’re going to compare the costs to both NYC and San Francisco too. What you’ll find is that you can save anywhere from 25% to 40% on a meal in Dallas when compared to either San Francisco or New York respectively. When the cost of food everywhere is slowing rising being able to save this much money on your food bill each month isn’t something you can ignore.

If you’re just starting out in life and raising a family you’ll know that every dollar counts and the simple fact is that if you’re living in Dallas, Texas your money just goes way further than it does almost anywhere else in the country.