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Enjoy Great Weather When You Live in Dallas

Dallas SkylineLiving anywhere in the Lone Star state has a lot of benefits but one of the main ones is that you’re going to be able to enjoy weather which is a lot more tolerable than weather in most other parts of the country. The weather in North Texas is classed as being humid subtropical but with warm winds come from the north and west you’ll find that Dallas is actually one of the hottest places in the country – even rivaling the Mojave desert, which is a pretty serious claim.

Basically if you love sunshine then you’re going to love living in Dallas and its suburbs and this goes double if you’ve just moved from the wet, windy and often cold northern states. In terms of temperatures ranges you can expect maximum temperatures during a Dallas summer to be in excess of 100°F but on average they’re in the more tolerable 90°F range instead. During the winter you’ll find Dallas weather a lot more mild than elsewhere in the country with average low temperatures in December, January and February being in the 36°F range

Does it ever get cold in Dallas? Well there have been some occasions in the past where a weird weather system can cause short spells of ice or freezing rain but these are rare. Overall you’ll find the weather in Dallas to be a total contrast to where you’ve lived before. Living here gives you a nice mix of hot summers and mild winters, combined with a Spring and Fall that causes the entire state to come into bloom – the entire place seems to be covered with wildflowers of one kind or another.

If you’re growing tired of seeing the sun for 2 weeks in July each year – in between rainstorms – then you should look into what else Dallas has to offer you, we guarantee you’re going to like what you find here.

Dallas…Home Of the Breakfast Taco

TacoFor most of you reading this a taco is something you might have for lunch or maybe for dinner for but…a taco for breakfast? Really…who does that? These days with people all marching to a different working drum, and night shifts being just a part of life, the breakfast taco is something which can happen at any time of day – “breakfast” is now entirely relative when it comes to time. Plus if you work weird hours when you wake up you generally wind up combining breakfast and lunch, so this is where the breakfast taco fills that dietary niche quite nicely.

What’s in a breakfast taco? Well that all depends on where you actually get yours but generally speaking you’ll get eggs, cheese, some kind of sausage and onion – after that it’s down to your personal tastes and what that taco restaurant can actually offer you.

Even though you’ve probably never heard of them before the breakfast taco is popular all over Texas but Dallas has some great breakfast taco joints you need to check out.

Rusty Taco

If you want what most people would call a true breakfast taco then the sausage, egg and cheese taco sold here will fit the bill

Torchy’s Tacos

If you want one of the better migas tacos in the city then you need to drop by here – at just $2.50 they’re pretty cheap too

Taco Joint

When you want a truly huge migas taco then Taco Joint can serve you a tortilla filled with eggs, cheese, serranos, tomatoes and onions

So if you’re feeling a little tired of oatmeal and juice for breakfast then you should try a breakfast taco out at least once. If you’re like most people you’ll be converted and probably develop something of a breakfast taco fetish…just like the rest of the good folk in Dallas.

Dallas – A Health Care Super Sector Of the United States

Health CareThere are a lot of things to take into consideration when you’re moving to a new city and healthcare is one of the most obvious, although one of the most often overlooked. After all nobody wants to think that they’re ever going to need the very best in hospital or medical care but when you do it’s nice to know that when you’re living in Dallas you won’t have to travel halfway across the state to get it. It never takes more than just one single serious medical emergency for families, individuals and even businesses to realize just how important this is.

The great news for anyone wanting to relocate to Dallas is that not only does Dallas have some of the best general hospitals in the United States but healthcare is an important part of the local economy too. You can choose from a wide number of great hospitals in the Dallas/Forth worth area but centers of excellence in health care such as the Parkland MemorialBaylor University Medical Center and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center are among the top 10 hospitals in Texas, and are ranked equally well against other major hospitals on a national basis too.

Basically overall out of the Top 10 hospitals in Texas, 5 of these are located in Dallas and two of those (Baylor and UT Medical Center) are ranked in the top 10 in the entire country in certain medical fields. From a family point of view this means that you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that should anything go wrong you’re never more than a short drive away from some of the best medical care you can get anywhere in North America.

As you can see in Texas we love to do everything bigger and better and that goes with everything from our buildings, to our homes and right through to the quality of health care available to the citizens of our great city and state.

Experience Deep Ellum in Dallas

It’s easy to forget that Dallas has had more than one musical influence in its time and its location in the southern states means that blues made a home here a long time ago. Deep Ellum actually comes from “Deep Elm Street” and although you might not realize it Dallas is as famous for its blues scene as just about any other city in the southern states. The original blues style that migrated here slowly changed over time into what became known as “Texas Blues” instead.

In venues like The Harlem and The Palace locals could come see blues legends like Bessie Smith, Blind Lemon Jefferson and the incredible Robert Johnson play. Deep Ellum isn’t just some copy of a blues scene – this was the entire blues scene for the Dallas/Forth Worth area. In fact Deep Ellum even got included in a lot of blues songs over the years – including songs by Blind Lemon Jefferson.

Deep Ellum Brewing CompanyUnfortunately Deep Ellum had mixed fortunes over the years but it still retains its name and with the opening of Life in Deep Ellum in 2007 which has a coffee bar, live music, performance venue and a large gallery and the Deep Ellum Brewing Company opening in 2011 there’s still a lot to see and enjoy here. Plus there have also been a lot of new bars and clubs opening in the area lending this venerable part of Dallas a new lease of life.

What most people miss out on seeing are the 20th century storefronts, which you can only find in Deep Ellum and nowhere else in the city – these storefronts alone being worth preserving as part of the history of this part of downtown Dallas.

Deep Ellum won’t add to your life in any specific way if you’re living in Dallas but with the current revival in the area it’s nice to know that your hometown was somewhere that the blues music scene in the United States first flourished.

The Top 3 Restaurants in Dallas

The Top 3 Restaurants in DallasEating out is one of those simple pleasures in life when you just want to skip preparing a meal yourself or you just want a break from your daily 9-5 grind. The idea of having somebody else cook and prepare your meal for you is something that everyone can appreciate and Dallas has a lot to offer anyone who enjoys fine or even just enjoyable, affordable dining. What we’ve done here is put together a list of the top 3 restaurants (in our opinion) in the Dallas area so when you finally move here you’re not going to have to do this research all on your own.

#1 Fearing’s, McKinney Avenue

Based in the Ritz Carlton Fearing’s is one of the better known restaurants in the city and with good reason too and is best known for its “Paper shook fried chicken” dish that everyone should try at least once. It won’t matter if you like the very best in salads, seafood or steaks you’re going to find something to tantalize your taste buds courtesy of the culinary artists working at Fearing’s.

#2 Il Cane Rosso, Commerce Street

If you’re a sucker for great pizza then you’re going to fall in love with Il Cane Rosso almost straight away. The Naples-style pizzas are cooked in a wood-burning oven so you get the authentic taste that can only come from the most traditional of cooking methods. Everything is handmade and you can taste the love they put into their work in every single bite of food. Although the menu doesn’t have a huge selection that’s more than countered by the amazing pizza you’ll be served.

#3 The Pecan Lodge, South Pearl Street

There’s BBQ food and then there’s the BBQ you get from Pecan Lodge and there’s simply no comparison. If you want to taste the best barbecue meal which has ever had an opportunity to pass your lips then you need to eat at the Pecan Lodge at least once in your life. Oh and the deserts are to die for too – yet another reason to dine at this award-winning eaterie.

We’ll keep you posted on developments in the best places to eat in Dallas in future blog posts.

Who Are The Biggest Employers In Dallas?

dallas_img_06You’ve probably heard a whole lot about how well Dallas is doing economically despite the fact that almost the entire remainder of the United States is in the depth of a recession; all of which is true. It’s not that the recession arrived in Dallas and we just ignored it. No. The real reason why the economy of the city of Dallas and the state of Texas is in such a healthy condition is simply because industry in the area is diversified. So although other places might like to be known as “Motor City” that’s not much of a boast to make when the motor industry moves to Germany or Japan instead, for example.

So let’s have a look at the biggest employers in the Dallas area so you can get an idea of what employment prospects might lay ahead of you.

American Airlines

This company employs almost 25,000 people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and that’s something most people don’t expect Dallas to be well known for – as a travel hub.

Texas Health Resources

Again with almost 25,000 employees on their payroll you can see how the health care industry plays such a big part in the local economy.

Bank of America

Yup Dallas is also a pretty big financial center too and growing every single year. Right now BOA employs just under 20,000 in and around Dallas

Dallas School District

You’ve probably already heard that Dallas schools are among the very finest in the country and even better, is the news, that the Dallas Independent School District (ISD) employs over 18,000 people from the area.

Lockheed Martin

Having a company like Lockheed Martin operating in Dallas means that there will always be at least one industry you can rely on in the area and in the case of LM that equates to over 15,000 people being employed here too.

Industrial diversification has played a big part in the ongoing success of the economy of the city of Dallas and that fact doesn’t seem set to change any time soon.

Get Back In Touch With Nature At Cedar Ridge Preserve

Cedar_Ridge_PreserveThere’s nothing quite like getting into the open spaces of Texas to help you relax and unwind after a long week at work or with the kids. Cedar Ridge Preserve is one of the fine examples of just how much work the people of Dallas put into preserving their local trails, walks and parks.

The Preserve itself covers over 600 acres and has more than 10 miles of hiking trails for you to enjoy. Better again there’s no actual admission fee as such but there is a suggested donation amount of $3 per person – so please do give generously. If you’ve always wanted to work in a park like this you can get involved in the “Conservation in Action” days at Cedar Ridge Preserve on the 3rd Saturday of each month, volunteers is one thing most nature preserves can never get enough of.

What animals can you expect to find at Cedar Ridge? Well firstly you need to know that there are venomous snakes in the park but they’re protected by law so please don’t touch or harm them – the same applies to all wildlife in the park, including feeding them. You can expect to see lots of wild birds, rabbits, turtles of various sizes and there’s a butterfly garden for you to enjoy too. Bear in mind that this is a nature preserve so the wild animals will usually be doing their best to stay hidden from humans.

If you want a great day out hiking with your family or friends and the kind of trails that will really get your heart pumping then we can’t recommend Cedar Ridge Preserve highly enough.

Lose Entire Days At The Dallas Design District

Dallas isn’t a city you’d instantly associate as having any kind of artistic or cultural life – or at least if you think it’s a city full of cowboys and bar brawls. Now while you will see cowboys around the place and the city is very proud of its heritage, it does also have a vibrant art scene and the very best of this is on display in the Dallas Design District.

Dallas Design District

Up to very recently taking in all of the cultural offerings of Dallas meant getting from one gallery to the next, and that meant a lot of shoe leather got used. Now with the heart of the art in Dallas all being in one central location you have easy access to the cultural pulse of the city. The Design District is part of a program to add a new lease of life to the downtown parts of Dallas and this means that the Dallas DD is more than just galleries – there are plenty of shops and restaurants too.

The Design District itself is anything but a new aspect of the city and has been in a state of constant growth and evolution for more than 50 years now. On top of being a major development for the city itself it gives residents of and visitors to Dallas the opportunity to appreciate not only local talent but a whole slew of international artistic talent too. A quick glance at the events calendar for the Design District shows you that there’s always something happening – so much so that some people are moving to this District to be closer to everything on offer there.

The Dallas Design District is the perfect way to spend several days absorbing an experience that you probably won’t be able to reproduce outside of visiting galleries in New York or Paris, and you’ll be missing out if you don’t spend at least some time here.

Enjoy The Lower Cost of Living in Dallas

They say that everything in the Lone Star State is bigger and while this is true in many ways it’s definitely not true of the cost of living in Dallas and the surrounding areas. In short living in Dallas, Texas is going to be at least 16% cheaper than living in most other parts of the United States, and this reduction in the cost of living is pretty much across the board.

Let’s look at a few examples so you can understand just how much money you can save while living in Dallas, yet maintaining the same, or even higher, standard of living.

West Village in DallasThe first comparison to make is how much cheaper it is to buy your own property in Dallas when compared to New York City and you’ll find that the price per square foot in Dallas costs 70% less. In fact Dallas properties cost up to 80% less than houses or apartments of the same size even in San Francisco – just so you have a comparison with another major city in the United States. That represents a serious saving in terms of the size of home you can buy for the amount of cash you wind up spending.

Now let’s examine what it costs to feed yourself if you decide to move to Dallas, and again we’re going to compare the costs to both NYC and San Francisco too. What you’ll find is that you can save anywhere from 25% to 40% on a meal in Dallas when compared to either San Francisco or New York respectively. When the cost of food everywhere is slowing rising being able to save this much money on your food bill each month isn’t something you can ignore.

If you’re just starting out in life and raising a family you’ll know that every dollar counts and the simple fact is that if you’re living in Dallas, Texas your money just goes way further than it does almost anywhere else in the country.

Dallas Is A Great Place To Raise A Family

Park in Dallas

When most couples sit down to think about where might be the best place to raise a family they tend to look at either the east or west coast of the United States. For some odd reason they’ll tend to not look towards Dallas but there are lots of great reasons for you to move to Dallas and both start and raise your family here.

* Dallas has some of the finest hospitals in the entire country so you’ll never be too far away from the very best in health services

* The Dallas Independent School District offers an exceptionally highly level of education, and produces very high academic results

* Getting around Dallas is a breeze; even if you don’t own a car, because of the bus, light rail and rail service in the city

* Dallas has two excellent airports in the form of Dallas Love Airport and Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport – getting to and from Dallas couldn’t be easier

* Living in Dallas means enjoying a cost of living which is up to 80% cheaper than anywhere else in the United States but while still offering the same quality of properties, products and services

* You’ll never find shopping lacking in this city with several major malls such as the Valley View CenterGalleria Dallas and Northpark Mall with all they have to offer you

* Texas as a state tends to be quite conservative in its views and values but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you have young children you want brought up with the right values in life

This is just a short list of reasons why moving to Dallas and raising a family is such a great idea and if we had more time to dedicate to this blog post we’re pretty sure we could give you at least a dozen more reasons to think about.

Oh and don’t forget that the people of Dallas will make you feel like one of the family almost straight away – we’re a very close-knit city!