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Benefit From The High Standard of Education in Dallas Schools

Benefit From The High Standard of Education in Dallas SchoolsObviously if you have kids of almost any age then the quality of the education system in the city you’re considering moving to is going to be very important to you. We’re happy to tell you that Dallas won’t disappoint you in any way when it comes to the standard of education on offer. The schools in Dallas and the surrounding areas fall under the guidance of the Dallas Independent School District, which was actually established first way back in 1884.

The Dallas Independent School District puts a special focus on having an excellent curriculum for its students and the schools themselves are a good mix of both private and public facilities. In terms of the sheer number of schools available to you Dallas can boast of having 557 preschools, 352 elementary schools, 192 middle schools and over 130 high schools for you to choose from. You’ll also find that the vast majority of these schools are held in high regard by both the parents of children attending them and they also score very favorably on a state and national level. On top of the usual academia you’d expect to find many Dallas schools also offer a broad range of special educational programs which cover everything from fine arts to engineering.

If your kids are past high school age then you’ll want to know more about Universities in the Dallas are and the good news is that there are several nearby including the University of North Texas at Dallas and the Southern Methodist University also. From a parents point of view this means that your children can receive an education from when they’re a toddler right up to when they attend university and all without having to leave the state.

When it comes to education the Dallas Independent School District takes itself very seriously and they’re always working to improve upon what is already an excellent educational system for the entire area.

Dallas..The Ideal Home For An Adrenaline Fan?

Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement ParkThere are lots and lots of great reasons for moving to Dallas such as the climate, the food, the cost of living, the excellent education system, the friendly atmosphere, the great people, the sense of “Lone Star” independence you develop and a thriving employment scene as just a few examples. There’s a lot more to Dallas than what we’ve just listed previously (as if that isn’t enough) and one great example of something unique to Dallas is the Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park - a whole new way of keeping yourself entertained.

You see where most cities would be happy to just build a rollercoaster and a water log ride for your pleasure that’s simply not going to fly in Dallas. Oh no – in fact we’ve taken things up a notch with the Zero Gravity rides on offer. Instead of just the usual boring rides you get to choose from:

* Bungee Jumps – these require no explanation at all but until you’ve done one you can’t say you’re truly alive
* Skycoaster – want to skim just 100feet off the ground at high speed while strapped into a harness?
* Texas Blastoff – go from zero to 70mph in a split second – except you’re strapped into a seat and going vertical at the same time!
* Nothin’ but Net – do you think you can handle all the sensations, and the rush of a 16-storey free fall? Are you man or woman enough?
* Skyscraper – do you like the idea of being whirled around at over 60mph by a 165-foot long propeller – if you do you’ll need to be able to cope with 4G’s of pressure!

The Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park and the above rides have received nothing but positive reviews and offer you a really unique way to spend a few hours. So if you or any of your kids are what could be classed as an extreme sports fan then we think the Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park is a brand new challenge for you…and we dare you to try it!


Celina Schools

Celina, Texas is a classic American city that is showing that traditional ideals are still well alive and that the future for our coming generations are more promising than ever. Part of the reason for this, is that Celina is home to a number of award winning school districts. The youth of today of Celina are going to be well educated and looked after, no matter which school they end up attending.

CelinaThe schools are not only academically superior, but they also offer a great range of athletic programs. This is a winning combination, as this will not only ensure that your children are going to be well educated, but that they are also going to be given every opportunity to shine in a prosperous and challenging environment both in the classroom and out.

The first school district is Celina ISD and, as stated by the school itself, they aim to create a safe, caring and structured learning environment where students are motivated to become productive citizens of their community. This helps continue to make Celina a place that values learning and respect, as it is taught to its residents from a very young age. Not only are they taught the rudimentary subjects of math, English and science, they are also encouraged to become productive citizens. This is going to create a healthy, friendly and caring community.

Another award winning school district is Prosper ISD in Celina. A testament to this school district’s achievement is that they were selected as one of the 23 school districts in the high performance schools consortium. They also offer a range of athletic opportunities for their pupils. Boasting an impressive selection of baseball, basketball, football, soccer and softball teams alongside others as well as a great cheerleading team, Prosper offers its youth every opportunity to succeed and grow.

Whatever your child’s interests or needs, you can rest assured that their expectations will be met and then exceeded by the culture in Celina that values education.

The West Village in Dallas

If you are from Dallas it is highly likely that you are well aware of the West Village as one of Dallas’ most affluent and bustling districts; perfect for dining and shopping. If you’re not from Dallas or are not already familiar with the West Village, then it’s time to get fully acquainted.

West Village in DallasThe West Village offers a great selection of shops to cater to every type of shopper’s needs, whether you are looking to spend $10 or $10,000. With shops ranging from Banana republic to Cowboy Cool even a Transit Bicycle Company and many other retail shops, you’ll never run out of options. If you are more inclined to shop in an exclusive venue then you’ll find the range of carefully selected boutiques a perfect fit for your needs. If you can’t find what you are looking for here then chances are it probably doesn’t exist!

If the thought of all that shopping is making you hungry then the West Village can satiate any type of craving for food you could ever have. With a selection of no less than 19 restaurants, you can dine on flavours from around the globe, all situated in one place. An impressive selection of wine bars, sushi bars, coffee shops and burger joints means one thing; variety. In addition to catering to a wide variety of different tastes, they also cater to different budgets.

The West Village can also serve as your one stop shop for entertainment, as they have a Landmark Theatre always showing the newest films. This can be a great way to get away from the crowds and relax whilst watching the latest movie releases. If you are looking for something a little more social, then there are a great selection of bars and nightclubs available if you have the energy to carry your fun filled day into the night!

West Village is a great place to come and spend the day and the night. With the amount of things to do and the contagious friendly atmosphere the West Village is full of last memories just waiting to be made.

The Ranch at Last Colinas in Dallas

The Ranch Las ColinasDallas restaurants have more to offer than the typical Texan steak houses. One such remarkable restaurant in Dallas is the Ranch at Las Colinas. It was opened in 2008 with the name Cadillac Ranch but later on in 2009 it was renamed to after a new chef was assigned in the kitchen – Troy Walker.

The moment you see the restaurant and enter you are hit by country music, which is perfect for setting the mood and letting you kick back and enjoy your time at the restaurant. Inside the restaurant there are many cactus sculptures and various decorations to create for a truly unique but still southern ambiance. The bar stools are cowhide-backed. All of this creates a typical Texas restaurant feel, which only adds to the dining experience. Many people may think all of this is just made for the tourist and that it is there to convince them to come in and have a meal from them. Fortunately that’s not the case, as the meals offered by the Ranch at Las Colinas are of excellent quality and extremely delicious.

Although this restaurant’s chef Troy Walker is from New York, he definitely knows how to prepare good Texan food.  He chooses the products carefully from all around the state of Texas. This assures that the quality of the meals would be high enough so that people would come back for more once they have given it a try.

There are different meals for every part  of the day. For example, at lunch you can choose between numerous specialty burgers, which are made with beef from Texas farm-raised animals. Many people who have tasted those burgers say they have enjoyed it very much and have never tasted such a juicy and succulent burger before in their lives.

The people working there are nice and friendly, making sure you experience the best service and are happy with your stay at the Ranch of Las Colinas. They are professionals yet know what it takes to create a fun and exciting atmosphere to turn even the worst day right around.

It is an amazing experience for anyone who loves Texas cuisine or is willing to give it a try. The Ranch at Las Colinas is the perfect place to have a nice meal together with family or friends.

Frisco Goes Green and Receives Accolades

Frisco, Texas is a non-stop growing community that is becoming a highly developed suburb in Dallas. The development of the area is outstanding and has received the recognition of the state-wide and national authorities. 2005, 2006 and 2007 were the years when Frisco was awarded with the National Arbor Day Foundation Award thus showing the acknowledgment of Frisco as a green city that focuses on preserving the trees in its area. The same foundation recognized it as “Tree City USA.”

In 2007, Frisco was put on the Forbes list of the fasted growing suburbs of the U.S. and ranked number 7. In 2009, the same magazine put Frisco in the list of top 100 places to live in the USA.

The numbers, as of 2010, support this kind of recognition, as there were approximately 116,000 citizens in Frisco and by January 1, 2013, it was estimated that the population was now 130,000! The population of the city has grown by 210% since the year 2010.

Due to this development, the city is now home for many companies that give amazing jobs opportunities to its citizens. Among the major employers, you will find T-Mobile USA, IKEA along with many others. The vision of the city is that the industry will focus on information technology, healthcare, telecommunication services etc. and attract businesses from outside regions, expanding the local ones at the same time.

The number one employee in Frisco is the Frisco Independent School District and shows that education is one of the city’s priorities. The district received the ”Exemplary” rating when being evaluated by the Texas Education Agency, meaning that the quality of education in Frisco is in the of best quality possible.

Frisco is an excellent place for living, as it offers a great mix of business opportunities, a living that anyone can afford, and a quality of life that is simply hard to beat.

Office Sales in Dallas Area Set New Record As Investors Seek Quality

Cole Real Estate Investments has rocked the Dallas market by shelling out a record-breaking $120 million to purchase the Encana Oil and Gas Tower in Plano, Texas.

The $120 million deal, which is just one of several pricey transactions in Dallas’s commercial real estate sector over the last month, amounts to a full $30 million over the original cost of constructing the building, reports Dallas Morning News. The property comes with a 15-year lease to its current tenant, an energy firm based in Canada.  The office space was priced at a whopping $376 per sq. ft.

According to one local investor, the high price of the office space was down to the exceptional quality of the property, as well as its advantageous location, and involved risk.

The deal comes just days after the Williams Square building was purchased for $160 per square foot, while there have been several other expensive deals involving offices in the Dallas area over the last 12 months.

So why the sudden hike in prices?

Gary Carr, vice chairman of the CBRE Group, one of America’s largest commercial real estate management firms, said that one reason why the Encana Oil and Gas Tower commanded such a high price could be due to its stream of income.

However, others have suggested that the price spikes in Dallas office real estate could simply be because the market is thirsty for stability, value, and quality after so many years in the doldrums. Dallas, while not as badly hit by the recession as some other cities, nevertheless suffered from it and saw several years of declining prices, which consequently led to some office managers neglecting their properties.

This hypothesis is illustrated by the purchase of Legacy Town Office buildings in a transaction that took place earlier this year.  The property, which was built between 2002 and 2006, lacked the bonus of any long-term tenants, but nevertheless several parties were involved in the bidding for it. The eventual buyer of this property, the KBS Real Estate Investment Trust, said at the time that it had seen ‘true value’ in the property, which was their driving force behind buying it.

Colliers International Takes Over Management of Republic Center, Promises Change

Collier International has announced that it has been awarded the property management post for the city’s famous Republic Center, a 1.1 million sq. ft. development located at 325 North Saint Paul St. in Downtown Dallas.

Colliers International is a multi-billion $$$ real estate services company with offices in over 60 countries.  They specialize in valuation and advisory services, research services, real estate management services, project management, investment services, corporate solutions, and both tenant and landlord representation, and so it’s safe to say that the Republic Center is in pretty capable hands.

The building that houses the Republic Center is a mixed-used development, which means that developers are entitled to customize their development efforts to what’s more in-tuned with the surrounding community.  As such, Colliers International has the option to add more office space, entertainment venues, restaurants, medical offices, retail offices, or pretty much anything else it sees fit too, depending on the neighborhood’s character.  Naturally, this will only benefit the local population in the area, who will be able to make use of the variety of commercial establishments there.  Colliers International has yet to announce what plans it has in store for the Republic Center yet, but given their track record and expertise, we’re sure that whatever they come up with will be well worth waiting for.

With any luck, Colliers International will be able to restore the Republic Center’s prestige as one of Dallas’s most glamorous buildings. The property was built in 1954, and at that time was known as the Republic National Bank Building.  It was the tallest building in Dallas until 1959.  In 2000, the building went underwent massive renovations to enhance and update its technology, amenities, and power lines.  The renovation is believed to have cost around $75 million.  Currently, its estimated occupancy rate is at 75%.

Colliers said that is focused on increasing the property’s value, tenant satisfaction, and cost management for its operations. Shlomo Bakhash, Four Point Star LP associate and owner of the property, said that this was precisely why he chose Colliers to lead this project.

Recapitalization Plan on Watters Creek Pursued by Joint Venture

Three big real estate entities are joining forces to recapitalize on Watters Creek.  PCCP, Trademark Property Co., and Coventry Real Estate Advisors revealed earlier this week that the PNC Bank has given them the go ahead to pursue their plans to revitalize the property after promising to back them with the financing they had sought.

Watters Creek is a 706,000 sq. ft. mixed-use facility located in Allen.  The recapitalization process will give the developers the opportunity to carry out much-needed renovation work on the property.   Suggested improvements that have been put forward include adding a hotel, modern shade structures, a children’s playground, and other built-to-suit offices.  The developers say that the south-facing portion of the property could even be developed into multi-family units that will complete the community.

The vision for Watters Creek is to successfully put together a mixed community of fresh amenities like interactive public art facilities, a selection of novelty and retail stores, dining venues, all surrounded by a office spaces and residential units.  In addition, the planners hope to incorporate lots of green spaces and available parking into the designs as well.  There will metered parking spaces, available garage options, and even valet parking services.

Brian Moss, chief of Coventry Real Estate, said that this opens up a big opportunity for the property to gain additional capital for future developments.  It’s also a way to buy out its existing loan at a lower or discounted rate.  This will be an entirely new ball game for Watters Creek.

Should the project go ahead, it’s envisaged that there will be at least 100,000 sq. ft. office, together with 233 residential units and 356,000 sq. ft. of retail space.  The project will be a Class A development with major improvements to look forward to, according to

South Side to Downtown Dallas to be Tapped by Developer Jack Matthews

Legendary real estate developer Jack Matthews has laid out visionary new plans for the South Side of Dallas.  These plans will incorporate Lamar Street and will stretch on towards the Omni Dallas Hotel in downtown Dallas.  Matthews is a visionary when it comes to creating his projects.  His experience in the field has given him a mastery of the many areas of land development, carefully studying his projects from the perspective of feasibility, marketing, up to the long-term financing of his projects.  That’s how he injects value into his developments.

Matthews began his career back in 1982, when he joined Matthews Group Ltd after receiving his MBA.  He rose through the ranks to be appointed as Vice President for Development in the family run business.  He became President of their company in 1985 after he led it through various acquisitions and a number of stellar project developments.  His mastery in assembling and completing projects is what helped their company become an established name in the land development business.

His new project for South Side includes both retail and commercial properties, together with substantial residential developments.  The plans have been very well among locals community.  The development will be centered on 1400 Belleview, and is expected to cost in the region of $32 million.  The South Side of Lamar is estimated to have around 200 floor plan options once the old sear distribution building is converted.

Matthews expressed his enthusiasm about this latest project.  He said that it’s going to be a unique product, in which target consumers will be offered as much choice as they possibly can, together with structured financing to meet their budgets.  The development will also be equipped with new amenities to entice prospective buyers even more.