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North Dallas area Education

When looking at the North Dallas area as a place to have and raise a family one of the initial things to consider is the educational system.  The types of schools from pre-school through high school and even beyond are very important items for parents to consider before making any final decision on what part of the state or country to live in.  Fortunately, the North Dallas area has exceptional schools at all grade levels.

North Dallas schools are part of the Dallas Independent School District which is the 10th largest district in the nation.  Of the 234 total schools in this large district only about 30 of them are in the North Dallas area.  Many of these schools have received awards or other accolades from a variety of local, state and national agencies for a variety of programs and achievements they have made over the years.  Of course, the North Dallas community of parents is very committed to the success of their children which helps to keep the schools successful as well.

In addition to the kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools this area also offers many other types of learning facility’s as well.  There are several alternative schools for at risk students, programs for both special needs children and gifted students alike.  The entire school district has taken pride in the fact that they do all they can to look at the particular needs of each individual student so they don’t lose sight of what is truly important.

The educational environment in North Dallas has been among the best in the state for many years because of the impressive cooperation between both the schools and the parents in the lives of their children.  This community knows that the future success of not only North Dallas, but all of Texas and the entire Nation depends on the success of the youth of today so they are happy to invest the time, money and talents needed to ensure they provide a top rate education to each student.

Sports & Recreation Activities available in North Dallas

While everyone knows that the Dallas area is home to some of the top professional sports teams in the country, what might not be quite as well known is the wide range of casual sports and recreation activities available for everyone.  The North Dallas area in particular has many exciting options to choose from for people from infants to the elderly.  One of the best things about this is that the Dallas area has a mild temperature all year long making outdoor sports extremely popular.

The Dallas area boasts 39 private and 34 municipal golf courses which are enjoyed by thousands of people each year.  From those just getting started in this great outdoor sport to professionals in town for the annual EDS Byron Nelson Golf Classic, this area is perfect for golfing.  It can be done all year long and with so many courses to choose from nobody will ever get bored playing this great game.

There are also more than 60 lakes and reservoirs within a short drive of the North Dallas area making spending time on the water very popular.  From swimming to boating and even water sports like skiing, this is a great place to live for anyone who loves getting wet.  There are even several public parks with free ‘splash pads’ for the kids so they can enjoy playing in the water in a safe, free environment .

Even those looking to just spend some down time walking through nature won’t be left out in this fine city.  There are 406 public parks with over 23,000 acres to choose from.  Many of them have excellent nature trails to explore and there is even the Dallas Arboretum for those who want to get a more educational experience of nature.

Spending time having fun and getting exercise is very popular for the residence of North Dallas and it’s no wonder why.  With so many different activities to choose from this might be the perfect city for anyone who loves sports or recreation activities in the great outdoors.

North Dallas Business & Industry

When choosing a place to live few things are as important as the economic condition of the community and the types of jobs that are available.  If people are unable to find work in a particular area they won’t be able to live there very long.  Fortunately for those considering the North Dallas area there are a lot of different options to consider.  This suburb of the city of Dallas is growing quickly both in terms of population and in businesses.

The North Dallas area is considered by many to be the business capital of the Southwest because of the dynamic international business centers in the area.  The Dallas international airport allows convenient travel to anywhere in the world making it quite easy to perform all types of business meetings in the area.   In addition there are all the hotels and entertainment options in the big city of Dallas.

With the four professional teams that play in Dallas along with many other amateur sports teams and other forms of entertainment this city provides plenty of ways to impress business guests who are in town visiting.  Many businesses love the fact that they have a variety of different things to offer that some of the more common cities like New York and LA might be missing.

Dallas is also home to a huge variety of different types of businesses, some of which might surprise many people.  It is, for example, the nation’s second leading fashion and apparel center and also home to the world’s first and largest wholesale merchandise mart.  This mart hosts over 400,000 buyers doing over $7.5 billion in annual sales.

The bottom line is this all adds up to a very positive economic environment for people who are looking for work in the area.  With many jobs in virtually every industry most people don’t have any trouble finding work.  Texas as a whole is also a very tax friendly state making it easy to start a new business as well for any entrepreneurs moving to the area.

Shopping in North Dallas

People living in the North Dallas area have access to virtually every different store imaginable to shop in.  With three primary shopping districts to choose from there is something nearby to every neighborhood with the perfect stores to visit.  The three shopping districts are the NorthPark Center, The Galleria Dallas and the Valley View Center.

The North Park Center is an upscale shopping mall which boasts over 225 different stores and services within its beautiful shopping complex.  This unique mall is far more than just a place to go to when looking for a new pair of jeans.  It has a full movie theater, public library, and even areas where fine art from world-renowned artists like Andy Warhol and Jim Dine are displayed.  Of course, the biggest reason to visit this fine shopping center are all the different big name stores including Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Barneys New York and many more.

The Galleria Dallas is also considered an upscale shopping mall and is located in North Dallas.  There are over 200 stores and restaurants and even an ice rink and hotel!  The Galleria Dallas has a variety of popular stores including Macy’s, Nordstrom, and flagship locations of Old Navy, Banana Republic and Gap.  For any family with a young lady, this mall is a popular destination due to the American Girl Boutique and Bistro located within.

Finally, the Valley View Center is a large regional shopping mall.  While not quite as big as the other two this mall is generating some excitement recently due to its purchase by Beck Ventures who announced that they would be beginning a $2 billion redevelopment project for the mall and surrounding area.  The North Dallas community is watching this fine property excitedly to see what great changes will be taking place over the coming months and years.

The North Dallas area is clearly a popular shopping destination for not only those who live in this community, but for those in the surrounding areas as well.  As more and more people continue to visit the North Dallas shopping districts they will continue to innovate and improve to satisfy the needs of all their loyal shoppers.

North Dallas Attractions

One of the best things about living in the North Dallas area is that there is never a shortage of things to do.  As a suburb of one of the biggest and most famous cities in the country it is no surprise that so many exciting attractions can be found in this beautiful area.  People living in the North Dallas area love the fact that they have all the great benefits of living in a big city while still enjoying the quiet and comfort of the suburbs.

People trying to come up with a great way to spend the day in North Dallas can’t go wrong starting with a visit to one of the beautiful art gallerias in the area.  From the Valley House Gallery and museum to the Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass store there is a wide variety of different things to see.  For people looking for more of a fine art experience they can go to the Southwest gallery and see over 16,000 square feet of artwork and accessories.

If art is not your thing then perhaps visiting one of the many historical attractions and landmarks in the area might be.  One of the most popular historical buildings in the area is Po Melvin’s which is a popular spot to get lunch and also appreciate the historical building this restaurant is in.  Featuring excellent Cajun home cooking and interesting architecture this is a fun stop for anyone.

There are many other opportunities for entertainment in the beautiful North Dallas area as well but few things are as popular (and affordable) as the many of the North Dallas parks.  The Cottonwood Park, for example, features far more than just an open area to play and relax.  It is surrounded by nice shopping centers so you can browse while enjoying a relaxing day.  It’s these and many other attractions in and around the North Dallas area that make it so desirable to so many people.

North Dallas Home Prices

North Dallas is one of the most beautiful and exclusive suburbs of the Dallas/Fort-Worth areas.  While no areas have escaped the housing problems since 2007, this area continues to hold its value quite well and it is beginning to see the signs of an economic recovery as well.  There are still many homes available to purchase at excellent prices for those who are looking to move into this incredible community.

With homes for sale starting at the upper $200′s and going up from there this is a very nice part of Texas that will be loved by anyone who moves into the area.  The average home today is approximately $410,000 which is up slightly over the past several months.  While these home prices might be out of reach for some, they will make the ideal place to live for families and business executives working in and around the Dallas area.

Experts generally agree that the home prices in this area will go up at a faster rate than most other areas of the country because of the beautiful houses, wonderful community, and close proximity to the city of Dallas.  This makes it an extremely attractive market to anyone who is looking to not only purchase a wonderful home for them and their family, but also see their investment begin to pay off almost instantly.

While it is impossible to predict the future of home prices with certainty, most people agree that this is one of the best communities to live, not only in Texas but through the whole country.  It is extremely family friendly, has an incredible school district and also offers a variety of attractions for both kids and adults alike.  You aren’t likely to find this combination of great features in one city anywhere else in the country.

North Dallas’ Current Housing Market

Home sales in Dallas were up 32% over last year, with the median sales price of $469,800. With this large increase in sales combined with the low amount of homes on the market in the area, get ready to pay a whole lot more if you are planning on moving to Dallas. Hopefully these strong sales will encourage people to list their home, though, as there are not too many on the market. Buyer’s demand is not the only thing that is high, as the demand for rental properties is also high, and is predicted to be high for the next five years.

While the North Dallas are between the LBJ Expressway and the President George Bush Turnpike took a large real estate hit with many big name tenants moving out of the Galleria, many real estate sources have stated that things are going to turn around. With a Catholic private school, a Jesuit prep school, and a public elementary in the area along with the Dallas Independent School District and the Carrollton – Farmers Branch Independent School District, there are certainly enough options for parents to send their children should they choose to move in to this area that should see an influx of jobs due to the main and main location between the expressway and turnpike. North Dallas also has a very low crime rate, especially for a highly developed area making it a very safe place for families and individuals alike to live.

Even though North Dallas might be a great place to live, the fact is that it is very hard to move into right now unless you have a mid-high budget and not a very narrow mind on the type of house that you want. Currently, there are only a little over 400 homes for sale along with about 50 foreclosures. This means that the homes available to move in to are few and far between in this area. If you do have a set idea on what the next house you purchase is going to look like, you might want to look elsewhere.

Top 5 Reasons to move to the North Dallas area

When looking for a new place to live there are few areas in the country that can compete with the North Dallas area.  With all the great conveniences of living in the Dallas/Fort-worth area combined with the benefits of living in a smaller city environment.  Everyone knows that people in Texas, and especially those living in and around Dallas take pride in where they are from, and once you’ve learned a little more about the area it will be no surprise why.

While it’s difficult to narrow it down to just five, here are the top 5 reasons to move to the North Dallas area:

  1. Kid Friendly – If you’ve got a family then you’re almost certainly going to want to live in either a rural area or a suburb of a large city.  For those looking for all the conveniences of city living without any of the crime, smog or other problems that come with it, the suburbs are the perfect choice.  With several North Dallas suburbs to choose from it won’t be difficult to find the perfect home for you and your family.
  1. Adult Friendly – Of course for mothers and fathers it’s also important to have some fun and blow off steam sometimes.  Living in the North Dallas area has plenty of things to do for adults as well.  With dozens of great bars and night clubs to choose from there is always a place to grab a drink and have some fun.
  1. Historical Attractions – The North Dallas area has a beautiful historical district you can walk or drive through to see the wonderful old houses.  Some of them are even open for tours during certain times of the year making them a great place to spend a quiet weekend out on the town.
  1. Close to the city - Living just north of the city of Dallas comes with a long list of benefits as well.  For instance, the great professional sports teams like the Cowboys, Mavericks and Rangers. Visiting the city can be a great way to spend the day or even a whole week.  There’s never a shortage of things to do in the big city and it’s just minutes away.
  1. Nearby Natural Beauty – Just a short drive in the other direction is some of the most beautiful natural areas in the state.  Whether you enjoy bike riding or nature walks, there’s plenty to see in the North Dallas area.

Dining in Dallas – Three Up-And-Coming Restaurants That Deserve Your Attention

When you’re looking for a place to eat in Dallas, you might be tempted to take the easy way out and go for a recognizable chain restaurant where you know you’ll get at least decent service and decent food at a decent price. However, if this is your mindset then you’re missing out on some of the best dining in Dallas. Here are three up-and-coming eateries that deserve your attention the next time you’re looking for a place to go out and grab a bite:

Mijo’s Fusion – Even though it’s not technically a new restaurant, it’s been recently renovated and overhauled so that it’s practically non-recognizable from its former self. You will be pleased to know that the service here is some of the best in Texas, and it’s very clear that they care about every single one of their customers. Their service is only surpassed by their food…You’ll likely find yourself fantasizing about their brisket tacos if you ever get a chance to try them.

Chicken Scratch – This borderline food stand may not seem like much on the outside, but every item on their surprisingly simple menu has been tweaked to the point of perfection. Get fried chicken or rotisserie chicken perfectly seasoned, and accompanied by some of the creamiest mashed potatoes you’ll ever have the pleasure of consuming.

Monty’s Corner – This restaurant has its roots in New Orleans cooking, so if you’re looking for Cajun food this is the place to go. This place hasn’t earned quite the same name for itself as Chicken Scratch or Mijo’s yet, but you can rest assured that over the next year or two the popularity of this fine restaurant will skyrocket as more people realize how unbelievably scrumptious their food is. They focus on old-school Cajun dishes like goulash, roasted chicken of different sorts, and red beans and rice. You’ll also want to make room for a plate of grilled asparagus as it is simply to die for!

Three Levels of Luxury from Plano’s Gated Communities

As you already know if you have spent any time at all browsing the real estate listings in Plano, Texas, there are more than a few options available to you if you’re looking to settle down into a life of luxury. The homes in Plano more than live up to the expectations you would have for any Texas real estate – spacious properties and floor plans in a beautiful and outdoors oriented setting, all complemented by any amenities your perspective community may offer. So, while you can’t really go wrong in Plano, your specific options vary by your budget. Here are three gated communities you may consider living in at three different budget levels that you may be restricted to:

Shoal Creek – Despite being the “low-end” option in this list, the Shoal Creek gated community is anything but “low-end”. Homes typically sell for around $350,000 to $650,000 in Shoal Creek, and what you’re going to find here is a very recently developed community with all of the modern amenities you would expect… Clubhouse, swimming pool, plenty of parks and walking trails, community events, and private lakes and ponds throughout.

Willow Bend – This community is adjacent to Gleneagles and is a very beautiful place to live. Comprised of about 13 different subdivisions, housing throughout Willow Bend starts at around $500,000 and goes all the way up to about $1.5 to $2 million. Amenities are what you would expect, with the addition of membership at the Gleneagles Country Club and the Gleneagles Athletic Club. Of course, the community also has its own community club at the Willow Bend Polo and Hunt Club, so you’ll enjoy options when you live here.

Kings Gate – This subdivision located in the West Plano is one of the newest developments in the entire city with the first homes having been constructed as recently as 1997 and construction still continuing to this day. Only 50 homes are expected to make up the community when everything is said and done, but each one of them is custom-built to offer you the premier luxury lifestyle you’ve been looking for from Texas real estate. Housing in Kings Gate starts at around $2 million, but what you get for the price is truly jaw-dropping.